Senator Diane Feinstein
Assembly Member Linda Halderman
Mayor Ashley Swearengin, Fresno
Mayor Bruce Blayney, Kingsburg
Mayor Joshua Mitchell, Sanger
Mayor Mary Fast, Reedley
Mayor Ken Grey, Selma
Councilmember Lee Brand, Fresno
Councilmember Blong Xiong, Fresno
Councilmember Larry Westerlund, Fresno
Supervisor Susan Anderson, Fresno County
Councilmember Clint Olivier, Fresno
Supervisor Ronn Dominici, Madera County
Councilmember Sal Quintero, Fresno

Councilmember David Karstetter, Kingsburg
Councilmember Dr. Milo Smith, Kingsburg
Councilmember Leland Bergstrom, Kingsburg
Councilmember Suzi Picaso, Lindsay
Councilmember Mike Lane, Visalia
Councilmember Martin F. Castellano, Sanger
Councilmember Rodney Nielson, Sanger
Councilmember Victor Ruiz, Sanger
Councilmember Eli Ontiveros, Sanger
Supervisor Frank Bigelow, Madera County
Councilmember Steven Rapada, Reedley
Chet Reilly Kingsburg City Council
Councilmember Nathan Magsig, Clovis
Councilmember Michael H. Derr, Selma

*Partial List

Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief
Joe Garza, Reedley Police Chief
Bill Newton, Kerman Police Chief
Elsa I Lopez, Firebaugh Police Chief

Myron Dick, Selma Police Chief
Ishmael Solis, Parlier Police Chief
Jeff Dunn, Kingsburg Police Chief
Janet Davis, Clovis Police Chief

Richard and Gina Wathen, Wathen-Castanos
John Harris, Harris Ranch
Larry Arce, Fresno Rescue Mission
Terrance Frazier, TFS Investments
Chris Cummings, Fresno Grizzlies
Dave and Karen Wood, Harris Ranch
Katie Delano, Coalinga Chamber of Commerce
Jerry Duncan, Former Fresno City Councilmember

Clifford Hall
Larry Duncan, I Love to Create
Jack B. Murray, US Fund & Investment Consultants
Peter T Simonian, MD, Simonian Sports Medical Clinic
Holly Carter, Carter & Co. Communications
Brett Hedrick, Hedrick’s Chevrolet
Dr. Kuldip Thusu

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