FHC Board Member rescues disabled man from house fire

Action News obtained Fresno Police radio traffic of a Northwest Fresno house fire. It captures the harrowing moments — when officers saved a man in a wheelchair trapped in the fire.

Fresno Police are first to arrive on scene. It’s a house fire and an elderly man is trapped inside.

“All I wanted to do was cough,” said Diana Trueba of FPD. She is the voice you hear on the radio. “You can hear I was gasping for air but at the same time I was trying to stay calm it was very difficult because I could barely breathe,” she said.

Four others, including two children got out safely. But the disabled man was trapped in his bed. And the fire that started in the living room was spreading quickly.

“We were right at the threshold of the doorway trying to get inside. It was almost like there was waves of smoke that was coming at us,” said Trueba.

Within minutes Treuba and two officers got the man out to safety. A lifesaving act that not every police officer has done before.

“It definitely brings a different appreciation for firefighters I mean we really appreciate them but they’re amazing,” said Trueba.

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